Cannabis seeds legal to own, and are sold as collectables. Germination of cannabis seeds is illegal.

Pulsar - Buddha Seeds🚺

Pulsar - Buddha Seeds🚺

Buddha Seeds
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 400 gr





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 Hybrid Sativa

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Pulsar is a hybrid of Dutch and Central American sativas. Genetics of extremely vigorous growth; tremendously expansive.

One of its most peculiar characteristics is its high production for its large sativa load. In interior it is convenient to control it with severe pruning of tips or in scrog culture, since it tends to take over the whole space. Outdoors, we recommend planting the sowing season well advanced if you do not want monstrous individuals.

Energizing effect, very stimulating, hallucinogenic uncontrollable laughter. It is not a plant neither for cultivators nor for inexperienced smokers.

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