Our Collectable Cannabis are seeds are 100% legal to own. Germination of cannabis seeds is illegal.

PineBomb - Dominion Seed Co 🚻
PineBomb - Dominion Seed Co 🚻

PineBomb - Dominion Seed Co 🚻

Dominion Seed Co
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Flowering Time (Days)

 65-70 days




Sensi Durban Poison x Screaming Eagle





Species (%)

THC (%)

CBD (%)



Cup Placing

Taste & Flavour






Morphology- Plants veg as Xmas tree shapes but stretch into large trees in bloom. They stretch almost triple in flower. Nice golf ball to baseball sized buds up to chunky spear shaped colas. Smells range from pine-sol/pine to Vicks vapor rub, some have a floral candied smell beneath the pine.

How Does It Smoke- Speedy energy from the Durban, subtract any anxiety and add some good relaxed muscles from the Eagle. Flavors tend to stay along with the smell of the pheno. Perfect for getting shit done or just enjoying the great outdoors.

Growing Notes- Shape any way that fits your space, just take into account the stretch. These can eat a bit more than average so make sure you are supplementing your calcium through week 5/6 in addition to the standard npk feedings.

Yield- Medium high to high.
Pest Resistance- 8/10
Mold Resistance 8/10
Mildew Resistance- 8/10
Stress Resistance Notes- N/A

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