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Deep Up Clemya - Madd Farmer 🚻
Deep Up Clemya - Madd Farmer 🚻
Deep Up Clemya - Madd Farmer 🚻

Deep Up Clemya - Madd Farmer 🚻

Madd Farmer Genetics
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 SCDC (Strawberry Cough x Deep Chunk) x Clementine











Deep Up Clemya - Now here’s a sleeper strain. Probably some of the finest cannabis I have smoked in the last 3 years. It’s our extremely rare SCDC (Strawberry Cough x Deep Chunk) x Clementine

Madd Farmer's Clementine IS OWN LINE! It has NOTHING to do with Crockett or LaPlata Labs. It’s our own pure Afghani that’s been in our family for nearly 18 years now and is a true, pure Ghani that is known for its potency, short flowering times, heavy yields and its super sour and spunky terp profiles. It’s not citrus at all. It was nicknamed Clementine due to the way it grows. Like a mini tangerine tree with perfectly round bud that has fire orange hairs, making it look just like an tangerine or orange on a tree. Our work with the Clementine has taken place over the last 13 years and in that time we have won several awards and honors with Clementine hybrids

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