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Damnesia - Strain Hunters 🚺

Damnesia - Strain Hunters 🚺

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Flowering Time (Days)



 900 gr/m 2 


A.M.S. x Amnesia Haze




 Indoor / Outdoor

Species (%)

 60 Sativa / 40 Indica

THC (%)

CBD (%)


Cup Placing


The Damnesia is a new twist on a very popular strain, the A.M.S. 

Thanks to the Amnesia influence this plant is now fruity yet woody, flowery yet mossy; It is a truly balanced mix of the parents' heritage. 
Medium to tall plant, the Damnesia grows long branches and makes long colas.  
The foliage is light green with red hues, and the buds develop amazing resin. 
The leaf shows some sativa heritage, but the flowering time is contained in 9 weeks.
The Damnesia likes a moderate feeding regime with a maximum EC of 1.9-2.0 depending on the grow parameters. 
The taste is fruity, like a bouquet of tropical fruits, but has a deep sativa aftertaste, very complex. 
The Damnesia has a strong appetite-stimulating effect and is good for pain control. 

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