Cannabis seeds legal to own, and are sold as collectables. Germination of cannabis seeds is illegal.

Crystal Blue - Brothers Grimm🚻

Crystal Blue - Brothers Grimm🚻

Brothers Grimm
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 4-6 oz


Bodhi’s Super Snow Lotus x Brothers Grimm P75 male.









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This incredible strain flowers fast, and produces fruity terpenes on its fat, purple buds that sparkle with loads of crystal resin…. we call it Crystal Blue.

The male used in this hybrid was our favorite P75 stud who always adds potency, vigorous growth, and large, strong branches to the progeny. The mother was a high-yielding and very frosty Super Snow Lotus from Bodhi Seeds.

These are big, bushy plants with purple leaves in the floral structure. They will vary a bit in aromas, flavor and yield however, you’re sure to find an outstanding female – with a high yield, delicious flavor, and amazing potency… it really comes down to your personal preference.

They all smell and taste great, as well as producing very resinous, large flowers. The high is very energetic and cerebral. Great choice for growers who make extracts - the terpenes are amazing.

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