Cannabis seeds legal to own, and are sold as collectables. Germination of cannabis seeds is illegal.

Crazy Lola Auto - Family Ganjah 🚺

Crazy Lola Auto - Family Ganjah 🚺

Family Ganjah
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Auto Crazy Lola by Family Ganjah Seeds Bank are marijuana seeds, feminized and autoflowering, which produce top quality buds. It blooms in record time and its delicious effects will make you spend an exquisite moment. The resin will stick to your fingers when you handle it. An ultra-fast version of the famous Crazy Lola . 

Outdoors we will obtain very fast specimens , with a robust structure that withstands high winds and high temperatures, always with the necessary carein terms of irrigation and the supply of nutrients. It suits 
plant it in a very sunny place and directly at the final site so that it can develop from beginning to end expressing the best of itself. We will obtain up to 90g of excellent quality flowers per plant in sunny climates. 

Indoors we can grow up to 9 plants in 7 liter pots under each focus, preferably 600w , to achieve important productions. You will not need to change the photoperiod , you can leave it at 18h of light and 6h of darkness throughout the crop, or you can even adjust it to 20h / 4h so that you receive even more hours of light. You can get to produce up to 350g of buds, under these conditions in any culture medium. You will achieve excellent results in coconut fiber, as well as in earth, hydroponic and aeroponic

Auto Crazy Lola is an incense marijuana, very productive of resin, reminiscent of the varieties Herer of all life. When we smoke it , we will taste a thick smoke with an intense aroma of hash , which will be our favorite for that special moment of relaxation . Fast and pronounced effect, after a puff will induce a calm mental state, remove the tension accumulated in your muscles and evade your worldly concerns. 

Ideal to disconnect from the routine at any time, very easy to cultivate and with an excellent result.

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