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Calamity Jane Auto - Buddha Seedsūüöļ

Calamity Jane Auto - Buddha Seedsūüöļ

Buddha Seeds
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Calamity Jane is a tough American girl, who stands out for her concentrated THC.

Calamity Jane shows that those who claim that autoflowering varieties are less potent are wrong; its high concentration of THC can compete with you on the market.

It is the result of work done from the classics of American genetics of the Brothers Grimm . Our seed bank has developed several lines, and finally we have selected for our catalog the new Calamity , a hybrid with sativa predominance, created by crosses of our Magnum using mass selection techniques and analytical chromatography techniques .

After several years applying these cutting edge techniques when making selections, we have managed to increase the power in all our varieties. However, Calamity Jane is the maximum exponent reaching THC levels that are around 20% .

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