Cannabis seeds legal to own, and are sold as collectables. Germination of cannabis seeds is illegal.

Broad Leaf Black - True Canna 🚻
Broad Leaf Black - True Canna 🚻
Broad Leaf Black - True Canna 🚻
Broad Leaf Black - True Canna 🚻

Broad Leaf Black - True Canna 🚻

True Canna
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Black Domina x SFV OG/ChemD BX





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Mostly Indica

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 Broad Leaf Black from True Canna Genetics is a classic Indica strain of marijuana that has been developed for the true connoisseurs.  

Derived from a cross of the beautiful Black Domina and SFV/Chem varieties, Broad Leaf Black has a well-considered lineage which is sure to appeal to Indica lovers.

When grown out in True Canna's legal test environment, Broad Leaf Black grew strong and vigorous thanks to the SFV in the lineage.  Plants are prolific and branchy and respond very well to topping.  Broad Leaf Black delivers large yields of dense buds which cover the plants from top to bottom. With excellent trichome coverage, Broad Leaf Black is one impressive looking strain when in full bloom.  Flavours are classic kush and fruity in nature, yet backed with unusual musky notes that remind you of the Chem in the breeding.


Incredible potency and stunning looks make this a stand out strain. Vintage Black Domina and SFV OG/Chem D create super vigorous plants with deep, earthy kush aroma and classic ChemD funk with elements of roadkill skunk. Keep an eye out for the black leaf pheno that more than lives up to the name.

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