Cannabis seeds legal to own, and are sold as collectables. Germination of cannabis seeds is illegal.

AK47 Auto - Family Ganjah 🚺

AK47 Auto - Family Ganjah 🚺

Family Ganjah
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Flowering Time (Days)









Species (%)

60 Sativa / 30 Indica / 10 Ruderalis

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Taste & Flavour

Sweet, Fruity, Citrus






Ganjah Auto47 of Family Ganjah Seeds Bank is the most sativa autoflowering of our catalog, vigorous in its growth phase and large producer in the flowering phase. It has a resistant structure and is a Sativa of easy cultivation, since it will take only 70 days to be ready from the day that your seeds germinate. 
Outdoors it will measure about 1 meter high, you can easily camouflage it among bushes and ornamental plants of your garden. It is convenient to place them in a very sunny place and plant them directly there. You can prepare the soil, or put them in a special pot for large autoflowering 18 liters. We can collect up to 90g of top quality buds per plant in sunny climates and with moderate temperatures.
Indoors we recommend putting between 4 and 9 plants per focus in any culture medium. They respond very vigorously on Earth, coconut, NFT, hydroponic or aeroponic. Your buds will take shape as your vertical growth stabilizes, to produce up to 300g per m2 in your indoor garden. 
Its characteristic sweet and fruity flavor with citrus touches, fully in keeping with its emblazoning fragrance, and its euphoric effects make it a unique variety in the field of autoflowering. 
Features of Ganjah Auto47 by Family Ganjah Seeds Bank: 
Flowering period: all year round, blooms in 70 days from germination. 
Size: 80-90 centimeters. 
Indica 30% / Sativa 60%.

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