Our Collectable Cannabis are seeds are 100% legal to own. Germination of cannabis seeds is illegal.

Collection: Ultra Genetics Seed Company

Ultra Genetics is a British born company with a great passion for the work we do and our goal is to produce high quality seeds for the international medicinal community.

Β We produce our seeds under legal conditions outside of the UK from genetics we have collected or been gifted over the years from close friends in the industry and we will never release anything unless its been properly tested. The information we provide about our strains is honest and any changes will be made clear so you always know exactly what you are getting.

Β One of our many company aim's is to help give medicinal marijuana a bright successful future. To do this we have also made it a company goal to collect and preserve all the landrace seeds we can and make them available to the growing community along side our own medicinal strains. Without the original landrace plants we would have nothing today so their survival is of great importance.

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