Our Collectable Cannabis are seeds are 100% legal to own. Germination of cannabis seeds is illegal.

Collection: Dready Seeds

Bobby Dread, the main seed breeder and technical genius behind the Dready Seeds strains has been studying cannabis genetics for over three decades. His passion and love of cannabis is bred into every seed, each carefully crafted over many years to reach the pinnacle of yield, unique terpene profiles or flavours, THC content and genetic superiority. Dready Seeds came into existence when Bobby Dread went from preserving to breeding different cannabis strains. Now an internationally recognised name for the strength of our breeds, Dready Seeds remains true to our goal of providing the finest cannabis strains available worldwide. We are now even more focussed towards the medicinal benefits of cannabis and the synergystic effects that some terpenes play with increasing the medicinal efficacy of our strains on certain medicinal issues.

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