Our Collectable Cannabis are seeds are 100% legal to own. Germination of cannabis seeds is illegal.

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Dirty Water Organics is an all living organic seed breeding company that uses real organic methods to create our award winning seed genetics and flowers . We are a family run team out of Massachusetts with our owner / veteran breeder/ second gen farmer “Peezy” at the helm in the breeding department. Peezy has been breeding and growing since the early 90’s. The purpose for doing what we do is to create new as well as preserve old cannabis genetics for the current times as well as for the future. Our main focus and passion is line breeding and plant selection working on what we enjoy but we also like to do some fun seed making pertaining to what others enjoy as well. We mainly work on regular sex photoperiod seeds and also feminized Seeds on occasion. We use selections from our own work as well as others work and also like to use elite clones in the mix too. We enjoy all methods and approaches to the creation of cannabis cultivars. Nobody owns this amazing healing plant we cherish so much and we see ourselves as co-creators helping Mother Nature along with our own selective seed breeding as well as seed making contributions. It’s all love ... Our seeds are offered as adult novelty gifts collectible souvenirs, luxury bird food, fishing bait, and dietary supplements. The germination of these seeds is strictly limited to countries and localities where it is legal to do so. Please check all local laws and regulations. Dirty Water Organics is not responsible for the illegal germination or misuse of these seeds. 
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